Our Story
Business analytics is not only what we do, but more importantly, it's who we are.

We believe that the key to health and growth in business and life is to understand what you do best, along with your limitations.  We also believe that there is no better way to achieve this than to measure your business accurately at a detailed and actionable level…because you can only improve what you measure.  That’s why we are passionate about business analysis. We have a talent for it. We don’t know why data speaks to us, but it does. Only God knows why. We go to bed with notepads on our nightstands because we find ourselves waking up with potential solutions to our client’s business issues. Business analytics is not only what we do, but more importantly, it’s who we are.

We are also entrepreneurs.  We believe that the true measure of performance and market potential is measured against the external market, not just an internal sales trend.  Its why our natural focus is to help our clients look outward for alternative routes forward with a strong view towards long-term results.

And when we are not busy thinking about our clients, we’re busy thinking about our own business – about the analytical techniques, software and delivery mechanisms we use.  Because we also believe that measuring your business should be made simple…with an easy, visual and yet powerful delivery that can be fully leveraged within an organization.  That is why, after over 15 years in business, we still put significant research and development back into our data and business analytics to make sure that we continue to provide and deliver world class, best-of-breed analytical and dashboard solutions to our clients. You see, at the core, we believe business consultants should be true experts…not just “someone from out of town” as Huck Finn says.

Our Advantage

Our Business Advantage – building granular understanding to find the best business growth opportunity stories
Our Delivery Advantage – discovering and sharing the best growth stories
Our Pricing Advantage – Customized, flexible and staged to support client analytical needs

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