Gary Warkentine

Gary Warkentine is the Founder and Principal of Exceed Analysis and its predecessor Warkentine & Associates. Gary is a multi-disciplined applied economist who specializes in quantitative spatial supply and disposition analysis as it relates to business and agri-business market research problems. He is considered an expert in data, not only as a data-interpreter, but in the ability to see and understand the impact of data that is often missed or unavailable in market research projects. He has extensive experience in solving complex economic problems using statistics, mathematics and economic models. In the mid-1990s, he pioneered the development of a new spatial economic framework and Geographical Information System modeling process for site selection and network planning that ensures spatial supply and disposition equilibrium. Gary has a Masters degree in Agriculture Economics from the University of Manitoba.

Keith Fortowsky

Keith Fortowsky is the Chief Technologist/Data Architect at Exceed Analysis. Keith is an Applied Economist (MSc, University of Minnesota) and Computer Systems Analyst. Keith’s professional interests focus upon tools, practices, and strategies to support knowledge-based innovation – starting with the data, but always with the ultimate aim of supporting managers’ evidence-based “strategic conversation”. Keith is currently Coordinator, Institutional Research at the University of Regina (Canada). In this role he develops, maintains, and disseminates “institutional statistics”: the corporate-level record of performance at the University of Regina. Prior to his current position, Keith worked for 20 years in transportation and agricultural research and policy positions, including positions with government and an international engineering consultancy. Much of this work involved development of data systems to support policy analysis. Keith was one of Gary’s early and most enthusiastic clients. Since he couldn’t afford to “buy the company” he has happily settled for becoming an integral part of its advancement.

Jason Skotheim

Jason heads the technical services support section at Exceed Analysis. Trained as a regional and applied economist, Jason brings a wealth of experience with technical quantitative analysis and systems programming to Trade Area Solutions. Jason spent 10 years working at the University of Saskatchewan as a research economist developing custom software solutions, conducting spatial economic research, and trade and supply chain analysis. Jason has written numerous economic research papers, policy briefs and developed international trade, transportation and financial models. Jason brings extensive experience in object-orientated programming and maintains a number of programming and scripting languages as well as geospatial and database programming skills. Jason holds a Masters of Science degree from the University of Saskatchewan in Agricultural Economics. He works out of the Saskatoon office.

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