We believe that the key to health and growth in business is measuring and understanding what you do best and your limitations. A business can't improve what it doesn't measure!

Our Analytics Process

How does a firm really know what their focus should be for the best return on investment?  Should they (1) prioritize looking for new customers like the best ones they currently have, or (2) focus on making sure they retain the customers they currently have, or (3) focus on turning their ordinary customers into better customers?  It’s a business opportunity optimization decision that, too often, is not driven by the right data and analytics.  The simple answer is that you can’t know without employing micro-economic analytic tools…tools not typically used in conventional business analysis.  The difference is that micro-economics essentially deals with the optimal use and returns of a firm’s scarce resources, while conventional business analytics is just focused on increasing returns.  It’s ultimately the difference between the very best opportunities and just good ones.

Exceed Analytics FrameworkThe optimization of business opportunities requires effective measurement and understanding at a detailed actionable level that covers your customer base as it is linked to both supply (competitors) and demand (market size). Our market analytics are built within an micro-economic optimization framework that does just that…it measures market performance and potential both inside and outside of your customer database.  Market analytics are then further leveraged, providing data, context and direction for customer analytics.  Customer analytics, in turn, provide data, context and direction for  more specialty analytics when applicable.  It’s a process that keeps drilling down, each analytic layer providing additional detail, and leveraging the previous analytic layers as input.  The major advantage of the process is optimization…it builds a business analytic framework that ensures your marketing and capital expenditure strategies make more than just good common horse sense…but that you are pursuing the very best opportunities.

We also believe that measuring should be made simple.  We deliver our business analytics in a best-of-breed one-stop analytics repository with easy, interactive and highly visual data exploration, discovery and sharing.  A repository that is integrated across different levels and types of data and analysis creating an important internal resource that truly builds intelligence over time.

1. Data Integration and Reporting effectively forms the foundation of good business intelligence. It allows you to integrate and leverage internal sales & cost data with your business analytics. Our best-of-breed dashboard reporting solutions offer a simple but highly visual solution to the integration, exploration and sharing of all your data and analytics.Read More

2. Market Analytics & Optimization focuses on finding the best opportunities within the marketplace.  It asks the questions…where is our business the strongest/weakest and where is the most potential to make it stronger…retaining your best customers, turning ordinary customers into better ones or finding new customers?  Our market analytic process geographically ranks these opportunities.  We use a fully integrated best-of-breed location intelligence process to build performance and market potential metrics that include both supply and demand market factors. It effectively connects a firm to its external environment including the optimization of a network of facilities including new site selection.Read More

3. Customer Analytics focus on the opportunities and retention of your current customers.  It asks the questions…how can we make sure we keep our customers and how can we turn ordinary customers into better customers?  Our customer analytic solutions are fully integrated as a drill-down from our market analytics for deeper “nano” customer behavior insight and more targeted growth strategies.Read More

4. Specialty Analytics:  We offer a wide range of custom analytics including mapping, data mining and other specialty predictive models. We have experience in the use of a wide assortment of best-of-breed statistical, GIS and other analytical modeling techniques and we are continually researching and evaluating new ones that might provide additional value to our clients.Read More