Community Analytics
Growing your community first requires that you know it!

Building a strong local economy is key to building a healthy community. This is a local economic development application designed to help Canadian communities and municipal regions build a granular understanding of their community and identify hidden growth opportunities, and core services that may be limiting growth. It uses an interactive and highly visual system of dashboards that allows us to explore large volumes of Statistics Canada data (big data) across a large number of custom selected reference communities and provinces (big context). Then explore and filter down to what’s limiting potential growth in a community or region (census subdivisions) and create summary PDF reports for further discovery and sharing.

Choosing Custom Geography

List of Reports and Variables

Custom Analytics, Reports and Application

Growing Your Community Application Demonstration

Our Advantage

Our Business – building granular understanding to find the best business growth opportunity stories
Our Delivery – discovering and sharing the best growth stories
Our Pricing Customized, flexible and staged to support client analytical needs

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