Community Analytics
Growing your community first requires that you know it!

Transportation Freight AnalyticsBuilding a strong local economy is key to building a healthy community. This is a local economic development application designed to help Canadian communities and municipal regions build a granular understanding of their community and identify hidden growth opportunities, and core services that may be limiting growth. The application is delivered with an interactive and highly visual system of two dashboards that makes it easy to discover and share the best growth stories. Click here to go to an on-demand training video.

1. Detailed Labour Force Data by Community and Municipal Region
The first dashboard takes a unique approach to community growth analytics by exploring the underlying labour force market within the local economy at a detailed industry level covering 427 classifications (2, 3 & 4-digit NAICS codes). Each industry classification can then be compared on a per capita basis across individual local communities and municipal regions in Canada at a detailed geography level (5,126 census subdivisions). The size of each industry within each community is then ranked against other communities to identify potential growth opportunities and high-growth reference communities for deeper analysis. Labour force data is available in two domains: by place of residence and by place of work. Note that this data is not available publicly, but as a special cross reference table between the Statistics Canada 2016 National Household Survey and the 2016 Census of Population.

2. Detailed Profile Data by Community and Municipal Region
The second dashboard allows the user to drill down and better understand the demographics and overall profile of a community or municipal region. Like the above labour force dashboard, this dashboard allows the user to compare and rank demographics and profile variables on a per capita basis across geography. The application features 2,247 profile variables for exploration and analysis from the Statistics Canada 2016 Census of Population.

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