Data Integration & Reporting
The integration and visualization of internal sales & costs with predictive business analytics

Our approach to market analytics starts with the idea that the true test of a business’ performance should be measurement against its real external marketplace, not only internal revenue and cost measures. The challenge is to turn this data and analytics into pockets of insight. Insight that forms a comprehensive view of an organization in the context of its marketplace, but yet is granular enough to action.  Our process does just that!

  1. Integration of internal and external data and metrics.  The focus of our business analytics begins with the opportunities and threats of the marketplace.  This requires the analytical capacity to align and integrate geographic related internal and external supply and demand data – this is the science of location intelligence.  Our location intelligence process is a well developed best-of-breed location-allocation model that is fully integrated into our broader business intelligence framework.  See The Exceed Location Intelligence Process for more detail.
  2. Measuring at a detailed level exposes hidden performance and market potential that is most often lost in aggregation.  This creates insight that helps form a comprehensive view of an organization in the context of its marketplace, but yet is granular enough to action.  Additionally, our dashboard design provides for the integration of customer relationship management (CRM) individual customer interaction information.
  3. Building a one-stop data and analytical repository.  We believe data and analytics should be housed together dynamically in a way that allows multiple sources and levels of data to be developed and updated over time.  A repository that literally builds intelligence within an organization over time…unlike static Excel or PowerPoint solutions.  Our best-of-breed dashboard solutions allow the user to drill down into and through the various necessary types of data detail and analytics creating a new powerful organizational resource.
  4. Measuring made simple with interactive and highly visual dashboards.  Our best-of-breed visualization dashboards are easy to use – the standard for discovering, reporting and effective sharing of internal and external data and business analytics.  Integrated charts and mapping for precision analysis and decision making.  This facilitates internal efficiency, alignment & productivity with a dynamic process that accumulates near real-time intelligence over time.  Findings can be easily exported to Excel, Word, and PowerPoint, as graphics, cross-tabulations, and even as raw data.

Our Advantage

Our Business – building granular understanding to find the best business growth opportunity stories
Our Delivery – discovering and sharing the best growth stories
Our Pricing Customized, flexible and staged to support client analytical needs

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