Market Analytics
Discovering the best growth opportunities and biggest threats in the marketplace

This is a national breakthrough market optimization model model for Canadian retail businesses. It connects detailed competitor and consumer data within a comprehensive layered trade area algorithm to pinpoint and rank the best retail opportunities currently invisible using conventional methods. Our approach is highly data driven because market analytics are highly dependent on the definition of the trade area. Different techniques and sizes result in different solutions (see trade area analysis). This creates a need for a data driven solution. In contrast, conventional market analysis typically involves a user defined trade area…which ultimately means that “quick and dirty” radii are among the most common methods used to explain complex consumer purchase behavior and measure market demand. This has turned much of what should be a science into a game of chance and has made the Location location location slogan the paradox of business intelligence.  The problem is so widespread that “regularly opening and closing stores” is considered a normal cost of doing business, particularly in the grocery industry.

1. Location or Trade Area Analysis

2. Market Sizing and Profiling

3. Competitive Analysis

3. Market optimization and new site selection

4. Sales territory optimization

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