Specialty Analytics
Better Data + Better Analysis = Better Business Understanding + Better Decisions = Better Profits

We believe that the best business analytics build a granular level of understanding of both external markets and a firm’s performance within the market.  Our data driven analytic solutions do just that leveraging both market and customer level analytics.  Explicit or implicit assumptions are used as little as possible and tested wherever possible.  Results are tracked against actual outcomes allowing our methods to be validated and calibrated over time.  This creates a level of accuracy conventional uncalibrated methods simply can’t match — it ensures a firm’s resources are allocated appropriately and that business risk is not understated.

We offer a wide range of custom market analytical solutions to a broad range of clients including retail business, agribusiness, financial institutions, and government agencies.  Our capabilities do not limit us to one specific analtyical technique. We have experience in the use of a wide assortment of best-of-breed statistical, GIS and other analytical modeling techniques and we are continually researching and evaluating new ones that might provide additional value to our clients.

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Data Mining

Cluster Analysis

Predictive modeling

Business risk and sensitivity analysis

Custom Mapping

Our Advantage

Our Business – building granular understanding to find the best business growth opportunity stories
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