Transportation Analytics

Transportation Freight AnalyticsOur transportation freight analytics are designed to address two important challenges.  First, while there is origin-destination freight flow information available at the provincial or state level, it is not at a detailed level of geography to be of value commercially to identify and analyze most freight service lanes.  Our data and forecasting expertise allows us to forecast freight flows down to the individual transportation trade area level using statistical crosswalk technology to other more detailed databases.  This yields a powerful database to identify, analyze and prioritize freight opportunities in both Canada and the U.S.

Second, it is difficult to turn large freight flow databases, with millions of records in some cases, into pockets of actionable insight.  Our transportation freight analytics are delivered using best-of-breed dashboard technology that does just that. They can be customized to fit any modal, geography, market or commodity sector combination. It creates action ready interactive graphics for users to explore, filter, analyze and prioritize freight opportunities. It can also be very beneficial to transport companies for long term strategic planning as they gain the ability to identify under serviced markets and growing markets where new opportunities exist. A great tool for regional, provincial/state and local organizations to share and explore freight flow data.  The quickest and easiest way to analyze transportation freight flows.

Click on the following graphics for a demonstration of our transportation freight analytics. Note that while the US demo includes forecast freight flow data down to the US county level for a Florida study area, the Canadian demo only shows actual historical freight flow data.

US Freight Lane Analytics Model

Canadian Freight Lane Analytics Model

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