Show & Tell
Examples of our Business Analytics and How We Deliver It

The links on the right menu demonstrate examples of our analytic capabilities and how we deliver customized “Business Intelligence” to our clients – best practice solutions for analyzing, visualizing and mapping strategic and actionable opportunities for business growth. They are customized business models to support companies who desire to better understand their markets in order to achieve growth and better customer retention through an efficient and profitable market intelligence process.

These demonstrations introduce the concept of integrating internal and external market data to estimate market shares and market potential at a granular and actionable level. They show our ability to integrate performance metrics and market potential estimates in order to rank business growth opportunities across both geographic locations where a firm already has retail facilities and potential new retail sites. Our business intelligence analytics are delivered using Tableau visualization software (

Note that some of these demonstrations may be password protected. Please contact for access.

Our Advantage

Our Business – building granular understanding to find the best business growth opportunity stories
Our Delivery – discovering and sharing the best growth stories
Our Pricing Customized, flexible and staged to support client analytical needs

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