Retail Business

A National Market Opportunity Model

“Location Location Location” — the paradox of business intelligence

Location is widely accepted as a key component of business success. But yet there are major gaps in the analytic tools available turning much of what should be science into a game of chance. The problem is so widespread, for example, that “regularly opening and closing stores” is considered a normal cost of doing business, particularly in the grocery market.

While technology has put driver-less cars and the planet Mars within our reach, user defined radii are among the most common conventional location analysis tools used to explain complex consumer purchase behavior and measure market demand. It simply doesn’t work.

We’re pioneers in business analytics and our business is measuring performance and finding new opportunities. Location-Sense is a national breakthrough market potential model designed to accurately measure and compare retail supply and demand at the trade area level from Victoria to St. John’s.  It connects detailed  competitor and consumer data within a comprehensive layered trade area algorithm to pinpoint and rank the best retail opportunities currently invisible using conventional methods.

The model reveals that the Canadian retail market is full of great opportunities all the way from Victoria to St. John’s!

1. The Problem:

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