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Western Crop Input Analytics
Crop Input Trade Areas
This is a detailed and customized business intelligence application that supports Canadian crop input companies, both wholesale and retail, who want to better understand their external market at a detailed actionable level in order to grow, improve customer retention and make other strategic investment decisions. It estimates historical and forecast crop acres for all crop input trade areas in western Canada and then builds market potential models that combine both supply (competitors) and demand (market expenditures) factors.  It allows users to interactively discover, visualize and analyze crop input sales strategies, market performance and new site selection…ranking  market potential opportunities and risks that influence investment decisions.  It is available by the individual trade area and delivered in dashboard format… either in a desktop free reader format or on the web as in this application (click on graphic).  Note that the data in this application is not accurate…but only for demo purposes only.

Western Canadian Grain Analytics
This application is a comprehensive tool to analyze the strategies, performance and market potential for future investment and grain merchandizing in western Canada. It is developed using our proprietary location modeling framework that estimates the grain catchment areas for grain delivery stations in Western Canada based on their individual natural advantages including road network, freight rates and multi-car freight incentives. Then a complete supply and disposition table is estimated for each catchment area by major crop using all public available data and advanced GIS techniques. The result is a new level of understanding and insight for regional grain supply, demand and net flows between individual catchment areas.  It allows users to interactively discover, visualize and analyze grain procurement strategies and performance at a detailed level…and a new detailed ranking of market potential opportunities and risks that influence investment decisions.

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